Book recommendations: Top 5 WW2 Books

On May 8, 1945, known as Victory in Europe Day or V-E Day, Nazi Germany signed an unconditional capitulation ending the Second World War in Europe. This day in Slovakia, known as the Day of Victory over Fascism, is declared a public holiday during which various memorial events are organized in honor of all those who contributed to this victory.

1. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Author: William L. Shirer

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich has been considered the definitive account of the Nazi Party’s history for decades. This National Book Award winner was written by an author who had years of firsthand exposure working as a reporter during the war.

2. A Woman of No Importance

Author: Sonia Purnell

A Woman of No Importance chronicles the astounding story of undercover operative Virginia Hall, whose successful machinations behind enemy lines helped fan the flames of the French resistance and led her to be known by the Gestapo as “the most dangerous of Allied spies.”

3. Unbroken

Author: Laura Hillenbrand

Laura Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken,”  tells an almost unbelievable, yet true, story of a man who lived through a series of incredible catastrophes, from floating adrift at sea to spending years in a Japanese POW camp. It’s a moving testament to the endurance of the human spirit.

4. Ghost Soldiers

Author: Hampton Sides

If you’re looking to read a tale of unbridled heroism and bravery, then Ghost Soldiers is your book. The author vividly recreates the daring raid of 121 hand-selected US troops who slipped behind enemy lines to rescue 513 POWs languishing in the Filipino jungle.

5. Band of Brothers

Author: Ambrose E Stephen

Band of Brothers tells of an ordinary group of men who became some of the war’s most extraordinary heroes. It follows the 101st Airborne Division from training in Georgia to their eventual disbanding, covering everything from D-Day to taking Hitler’s Bavarian outpost.

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