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Castle Spotlight – Realistic Castle

(This is the last in a series of short articles highlighting the four castles currently under construction in Year 5)

Year 5 students Misha Peschansky, Michael Saienko and Vlad Kakurkin were the first group to complete their castle project, known as the “Realistic Castle” earlier in the week. They took a different route than the other groups in that they used a brick kit for the framework of their castle and then added their own features.

“My uncle had gotten this castle kit for me three or four years ago in Ukraine because he said I would love it,” Michael explained recently. “And then this project came up so I decided to use it.”

The boys enjoyed all of the different aspects of completing their castles. “I liked doing the brick work,” Vlad said.

“And I liked using the box cutter to cut the cardboard,” Misha added.

All of the castles will be on display and there will be an open house for parents to come and view them after the winter break.

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