Welcoming “VIKI” in our lessons

In February 2020 the Ministry of Education launched a new educational portal called VIKI.

The portal VIKI contains attractive educational material from almost every school subject for students in every grade, starting from the kindergarten. 

As you could notice in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 we started to use this portal during Slovak lessons. 

Digital material in VIKI is modern, innovative, visually attractive and most importantly,  it checks students’ work and allows them to correct mistakes. This is very important because it gives the feeling of having another chance and doesn’t make students frustrated of not being successful. As soon as they learn how the portal works, they can be completely independent in doing their homework or trying to improve their language skills. Exercises are always assigned by the teacher. 

I believe this innovation will bring fresh energy and  joy in learning Slovak. 

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