Vivi Apostolou presents: “Christmas Math Recipes”

Christmas is the time for families and friends to come together, celebrate and share wonderful moments. It’s all about being together, discussing, playing and having fun. Cooking special dishes and baking traditional sweets is an important part of this time of the year. The aromas of cinnamon, cloves, orange and butter create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the time with our loved ones.

Parents, grandparents and friends could get the kids involved in the kitchen while preparing some sweets. This a chance not only to spend wonderful time together, but also a first-hand experience for them to use their math/science skills on fractions, units of measurements and conversions. Quarters, grams, kilograms, litres, millilitres, different densities of solids and liquids, temperature, baking time; real life situation problem solving in all its glory!

In Greece two traditional Christmas sweets are “kourabiedes” and “melomakarona”. The ingredients needed for these are easy to be bought in any supermarket here and the level of difficulty is relatively low. You only need some Christmas music and joyful mood. Enjoy preparing and tasting them!

Check out our flipping book recipe for “Kourabiedes”. A nice opportunity to understand the difference between mass and volume and talk about temperatures converting Celsius to Fahrenheit.

For full screen mode click HERE:

Check out our flipping book recipe for “Melomakarona” along with cups to grams conversions and….. enjoy!!

For full screen mode click HERE:

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