Plants drink coffee too!

“Why must coffee smell that good?” asked one of our young gardeners.  

It is impossible not to notice the intense smell of coffee beans. Some people find it nice, others quite the opposite. Over the past two meetings with my little gardeners we were talking about coffee and searching for its benefits. We were hoping we would find it useful in our school garden. Here is what we found:

Poster made by all group
Poster made by Zoja

How to collect coffee grounds?
When you/your parents make coffee, notice, that in the filter of the coffee machine, there are wet, dark brown objects. Dry them. They’re coffee grounds. One day, perhaps, you’ll get a plant. (not if you have one already…)  to keep it healthier, mix soil with coffee grounds. Or maybe you’ll drink coffee. When you’re done, coffee grounds will be probably at the bottom.

Text written by Ivan

We are starting to collect coffee grounds from coffee makers at the school as much as possible.

Do you like it?  Apply this trick  and  your plants / garden will be thankful. 

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