Can we make a real life Fall Guys?

I’m obsessed with Fall Guys. I’m also absolutely terrible at Fall Guys. For the uninitiated, Fall Guys is a multiplayer battle royale game, not dissimilar to the basic concepts of Fortnite and its ilk, but with one key difference: Instead of trying to kill each other you’re running obstacle courses, and participating in mini games to determine who is the final Fall Guy.

It’s dumb. It’s beautiful. It’s infuriating — and I can’t stop smiling.

Fall guys game

In the game, 60 players are dropped into the competition and are slowly whittled down over a series of challenges. Sometimes you might need to run a trap-filled obstacle course, maybe you need to chase down other players and grab a tail off them. While watching this I realised I have been trying and failing to turn the concept of fall guys into a fun and interesting PE unit.

Many of the games involved seem to be based off old games we played as students ourselves. Simple games. SO can we turn this into a real life game/competition? Well, what makes Fall Guys so brilliant is the variety of games. Not everything is a strict, bog-standard obstacle course. There are some tag-like games, some memory challenges, tasks that test reflexes. All of which have their own specific skill sets.

Fall Guys in PE?

I have turned towards video games in the past to make it into a PE lesson and I am now doing so again. Why am I doing this you may ask? It’s simple. After the past year and a half of Covid Restrictions I want the students to remember that PE can be fun as well as being able to learn the fundamental movements required to succeed in EISB’s Fall Guys competition.

So if you are walking past the school and see some crazy obstacle course for the students… remember this is all in the name of education. Physical Education.

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