Homework Diaries and Independent Learners

“Why isn’t homework on Edupage anymore?”  I have heard this question from several parents over the last few weeks.  The answer is simple: we want our students to start thinking more independently.

As we planned this new school year, the teaching staff agreed that we wanted to encourage more independent thought and action in all our students.  Part of this would be teaching them to take responsibility for their own learning, including no longer relying on teachers to post homework on Edupage. Previously we had only suggested that students use a different system; this year, we decided to require it. 

All students in MYP 1-3 (Years 7-9 or Grades 6-8) were given a homework diary, which they are required to use. Year 6 received them as well, as their teacher wanted to start preparing them to leave Primary.  Students in the upper grades were given the option to take a diary or develop their own way of organizing themselves. 

Students now practice self-management, writing out the assignments themselves and then following what they have written to complete the task.  If they don’t understand, they have to ask for clarification, which is a boost for their communication skills.

Feel free to take a look at your student’s diary and ask them about their homework.  You might also find reminders about messages to parents, holidays and events, and other tasks.  It is a simple solution that we hope will become a good habit.

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