Mother’s Day flowers

In Year 4, I wanted to try and grow our own summer flowers for the mums of the class instead of handing out some cut flowers that would not last too long. We planted 12 different sorts of flower seeds around the 23rd of March hoping that they would start to bloom around Mother’s Day. Pupils seemed to be excited to come to school in the mornings to see if anything had happened in their flower pots overnight. For the most of them, it did not take long before they were already sprouting. At the end of March, we were already able to enjoy the increasing amount of green color in the classroom. Unfortunately, only one flower out of 12 started to show flower buds just before the Mother’s Day. Therefore, every pupil was also provided an empty balloon allowing them to write and draw their own, individual greetings for their mums. If I ever decided to do this project again in the future I learned from this experience that I will need to start even earlier than at the end of March for the flowers to actually bloom on time.

At the end of March
On Friday before Mother’s Day
This flower was the only one with buds
Some of the plants would have needed a lot more time to grow and to bloom.

Anyways, I hope that everyone had a pleasant Mother’s Day with or without flowers!

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