A Trip to the Science Museum for Years 3 and 5

Years 3 and 5 have been busy with science units this term and we decided to take a break from the usual studying in the classroom and further our learning at the Aurelium Science Museum here in Bratislava on Tuesday, October 4.

Since September, Year 3 has been focusing on different forms and sources of energy and how they can be harnessed to produce the power that we as humans need to make our daily lives easier. Year 5 has been discussing states of matter and the different natural materials that exist in our world, along with how those materials can be changed to create all of the different products that we use each day, from gasoline to paper towels.

Both classes were able to find plenty of information and fun, hands-on experiments that matched our topics and the students had a great time learning and exploring various realms of science through easy-to-understand, practical applications.

We look forward to extending this learning as the students begin to prepare their projects to share with everyone at the Primary Open House here at EISB on October 20.

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