Engineer’s Day in Mauritius

Every year engineers of Mauritius celebrate Engineer’s Day on September 13. This professional holiday is usually accompanied by Engineer’s Dinner.

Celebration of Engineer’s Day is organized on the annual basis by the Institution of Engineers of Mauritius. This event is mainly held for the students, future engineers of the country. The special ceremony, if it falls on the weekend, maybe postponed to a working day, thus every student can enjoy the event.

Engineer’s Day is not just a simple party for the engineers. It’s also an annual award presenting the event, where the winner of the Engineering Project Competitions is announced and awarded with a monetary reward.

A special dinner is also a part of Engineer’s Day, which is usually organized on the next day after the holiday, but it also may be postponed to any other day in September and even October. During the Engineer’s Dinner, the membership of new engineers in the institute is confirmed, which becomes the major event of the night. The dinner is attended by a limited number of guests due to the capacity of the location.

The Environmental club children design their own inventions for the year 3000. They came up with amazing ideas. Just look.

more photos here:

Ms. Eva

A special computer that you can fold and it fits into your pocket-design by Sofi
A new generation house- design by Mina
A bridge with elevators for cars-design by Oli and Anicka
A flying boat -design by Dana
A special road- design by Jiun

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