A few photos from the Brno trip!

A few weeks ago, Mr. Roman Liptak and I took a group of students to visit Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. We all had a great time there together. We explored the city a little bit and students had the opportunity to visit three faculties at Masaryk University: The Faculty of Social Studies, The Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Arts.

In these visits, students learned about the various study programs that are offered there, as well as had the opportunity to speak with student ambassadors from each faculty and to ask questions to them about the programs, study life, student life in general, work/life balance, etc.

One thing I learned while I was there: Brno is a fantastic city to be a student! There are several universities in the city and therefore MANY students are studying there, from all around the world. Masaryk University in particular has many international students and offers numerous reputable programs that are fully taught in English. The tuition costs are also quite low for EU students at Masaryk University.

Overall, the trip was a great success and we look forward to organizing another one next year, in a different student city!

Here are a few photos from our trip:


Visiting the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul
Asking questions to a student ambassador at the Faculty of Science










Group photo on the roof of the Faculty of Social Studies









Asking questions to a student ambassador at the Faculty of Social Studies
Tour of the Faculty of Social Studies











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