Explore the Art Room!

Hi! I’m Ms. Jana Fečová, I’m an artist and the art teacher of EISB.

Let’s take a look at the art room and the art of some of our students.

As a part of the scavenger hunt on 4.9.2020, I organized an activity that allowed the students to become familiar with various techniques.
It also taught them the placement of the art supplies, while the activity counted as complete only after they put everything back to its place.
It wasn’t that difficult, as everything is carefully labelled.
I’m looking forward to all the artworks that will be created in here during this school year!
As a part of pop-art lessons, the primary Year 5 students created these donuts out of paper!
I even made one myself!
Our MYP2 students painted landscapes, capturing a great distance.
After enough practice, they started these Monet inspired paintings, that will be displayed around the school when finished.
Our primary Year 6 students are working hard on their very own solar system! I took the liberty of making the sun for their planets.
The start of the school year for our DP is a bit more based on observation from reality, while making sure the proportions, shading, perspective, symmetry and other aspects are correct. I think, that this artwork, as the first one of this year, is a great start.
What art room could ever be complete without a painting on a wall here of there? Sometimes, canvas just isn’t enough. This a painting made by our MYP 5 student!
But the art room is still a classroom, and has everything a classroom needs.
And since every classroom needs some rules, the art room ones might as well be Mondrian inspired.
Why not decorate with some really useful information?
We also have these unit planners, to help us keep track of our projects. There are detailed descriptions of each unit in ManageBac, but it’s good to just have the most important info on the wall.

And who am I? What’s my artwork? Well, that’s for another article!

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