Reflecting & Looking Forward

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year teaching at EISB. I made a big life decision in August to move from the Netherlands to Slovakia, and it paid off. It wasn’t always an easy year, especially due to COVID, online learning, and blended online/offline learning; however, I enjoyed it overall and was impressed by the consistent effort put in by most of the students. In general, I have found the academy students at EISB to be motivated, kind, intelligent, and effortful individuals, and I look forward to teaching them again next year. I have also really enjoyed living in Slovakia and all the beautiful nature opportunities it provides.

Winter hike in the High Tatras

Next year I look forward to continue teaching the Individuals & Societies and English Language & Literature courses in the MYP. I also plan to continue teaching psychology electives as this year many of the students were interested in the subject matter and enjoyed learning more about topics such as cognition, behaviour, emotion, language, learning, memory, personality, development, et cetera.

I also look forward to taking on the role of guidance counsellor here at EISB. Starting in September, I will regularly meet with MYP 4, 5 , and DP students to help them begin the process of looking into universities and planning their future academic endeavours. This can be an unnerving but also an exciting process for students and I look forward to helping them along this path.

I hope everyone has an amazing summer holiday and see you all again in September!

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