Rockin’ the Holidays

Da Banned Klub (DBK) was founded in 2021 with the idea to bring students together through music. We began by sharing our love and talent of music with the instruments that we already knew how to play. Slowly, it grew to what it is now, a full on pop-rock band! Personally, I’ve been a bass player for most of my life already and have never stopped enjoying “jamming”, so I truly enjoy learning songs with them.

For the Christmas program, I got to go on stage with the students and play a few songs with the public. Unfortunately, some of the members of DBK were sick (so I was lucky enough to fill in for the bass), but it was still a blast! I believe in the power of music to bring us together and this show was a perfect example. Additionally, the crowd seemed to like the show and appreciate the talent DBK presented.

I hope and believe the club will keep going, as it has sparked great interest not only in the students that are part of it, but also in the rest of the community.

Rock on ! \m/

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