How Do We Approach Grammar in the Intensive English Program?

Grammar teaching is an essential aspect of education. Without proper grammar, writing, reading, and speaking all lose meaning and value. Grammar is an important subject for teachers to impart to their students. It is also one of the most boring subjects in the eyes of many students, and typically teachers do not enjoy endless grammar drills either. Educators, therefore, are looking for ways to make grammar teaching more fun and engaging. When students are able to enjoy the lessons, they are more likely to pay attention. There are many ways how to make it fun. The Intensive English Program is based on literature. Everything we learn we do through literature. What does it mean? Every student has his own story adjusted to his language level. In each story a student meets a certain package of grammar. We always focus just on that type of grammar exercises connected to his story. The student is not forced to memorize anything and naturally focuses on grammar. He uses new grammar rules within his story and spontaneously adopts them. We also use hands on activities where the students can test their adopted knowledge of grammar rules. Together we have created “Grammar Wall” in the Intensive English classroom and it has become a great helper to all the students. We also use flash games to practice grammatical categories.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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