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Art Competition Encourages Role Model Reflection

Last December, the students of the Environmental Club eagerly participated in an art competition spanning across Slovakia. Their enthusiasm and talent shone through as they put their creativity to the test. Remarkably, one of our students clinched the third-place position. The winning artwork was published in the pages of a leading newspaper.

Thanks to the past success, we have enthusiastically decided to participate once more. This art competition holds a special significance for us as it aims to guide children in choosing the right role models. It provides a platform to impart a crucial lesson: the distinction between an idol and a role model. Encouragingly, children drew their own role models, expressing admiration for those who inspire them to strive for greatness. They found their role models in teachers, trainers, coaches, players, and many others. Let’s see how it will go:)

Beyond the allure of prizes, this competition serves as a valuable opportunity for growth and learning.

Ms. Eva Gogova


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