Teacher feature: Mr. Hugo

The following teacher feature was written by Year 3 students: Arnika, Sofia, Olivia, Veronica, Greta, Amir, Janko, Robert and Branko as part of their Unit on toys. Mr. Hugo became an integral part of our classroom becoming another friend and another teacher (thus the teacher feature). Students created surveys and interviewed him. They then compiled information reporting their findings and worked together to create one teacher feature article. They also staged and took all the photos to go along with the information and make the article more enjoyable.

Mr.Hugo was born on 1975 and his parents were born a long time ago. Mr.Hugo is 8 years old in rabbit age. He has names day on April 1st. 

Mr. Hugo likes to play.

Mr.Hugo loves school because they are nice people. Mr.Hugo loves hot places like Mexico. He lives in school. He was born in Japan.

Looking for Mexico.

Mr.Hugos favorite ice cream is chocolate. His favorite drink is lemonade. He loves pepperoni pizza.And he likes pizza because it tastes so good and he likes that its round and if you want you can eat it all!

Mr. Hugo likes to drink lemonade.

His owner is Ms.Karo. His favorite animal is mice and rabbits. And he has a special friend called book mouse. Book mouse is Hugos friend because he listens to him. He thinks that he was invented because everybody can see a beautiful grey bunny like him and wants him so much. A Japanese lady brought him to life. Sunflower is his favorite kind of flower. He likes to sleep a lot. He loves school so much and he even likes nice people.His brain is medium sized brain. His favorite video game is Minecraft. Hugo is hand made.

Mr. Hugo likes to draw.
Mr. Hugo helps water the plants.

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