Eight reasons why learning the English language from a young age is essential. 

English is the universal language. It’s a fact that English will be necessary for most current jobs and to get by in life, so it’s essential to learn from an early age! 

Here are eight tips:

1. Expands your child’s vocabulary 

One of the main reasons for learning the English language from a young age is expanding your child’s vocabulary. This starts with learning simple words like ‘dog’, ‘cat’, ‘car’, and then more complicated expressions like ‘expandable’. Vocabulary helps children learn new concepts, and it is essential to expand on your child’s learning.

Spoken English learning also helps them learn the pronunciation of words and how words are written down. Even a basic understanding of the alphabet can help your child learn new things! Your child will quickly pick up these tricks of the trade by learning English from a young age. 

2. Learning English courses early will help them to learn things easier.

Learning English at a young age will help to accelerate learning in school. This can be for learning topics that they haven’t studied yet or learning new concepts that are very complicated. It is easy to use this concept to encourage your child to learn more about their world and how it works. 

3. It improves memory and learning ability 

If you are learning a language, learning it early can help as your brain is still developing and growing. Learning at a young age, in particular, will help improve memory skills later on when learning more in school or university where children have to remember facts for tests and exams. This will also put your child into a good learning position for learning how to read and write, as many aids use learning new languages to help children learn their native language. 

4. It’s a fun way to spend time together 

This is an easy one. Why not sit down with your child while learning the English language? You could even try learning alongside them to help them, and you will both be learning a new skill simultaneously. 

A great way to start this is getting your child to learn English with songs or nursery rhymes from a young age. As they grow older, you can learn more complicated words in English with board games or fun learning books.

5. It’s one of the essential learning skills 

Learning a second language is quite hard, and it doesn’t come easily to everyone. However, learning new languages does make learning other things much easier in your everyday life because when we learn something new, our brain grows new neural pathways. These neural pathways will help them understand all other new things they need to know. 

  1. It might be the key to a great career

Learning English in the early years can open up many doors for you by enhancing essential skills that employers might be looking for. This is because learning a second language enables people to develop new learning skills. These learning skills can help with different tasks at work or even learning other subjects at school.

  1. It’s fun!

It may seem like learning is stressful, but knowing some essential words can bring about new friendships and even teach you how to communicate with others.

  1. BONUS. It improves your self-confidence.

Some students might shy away from English class because they are afraid of making mistakes when speaking or writing English. When these students overcome their fears by asking questions or getting answers to the questions they are looking for; it helps boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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