EISB Global News 18/11/21

Travis Scott and Astroworld Organisers Sued for $750m

You may have heard of the deaths at the astroworld overcrowded concert. A family of one of the 10 victims finally sued travis scott for $750m. Family of the victim  claims that Travis Scott and his fellow guest Drake did not stop or even bother to stop the concert and that their dead family member was laying on the ground for 40 minutes of music playing until the concert ended and was found dead. Family did not only sue Travis but all companies that promoted and helped to the concert like Apple, and they also sued security organizations and medical organizations.

“Certainly, neither Travis Scott nor his handlers, entourage, managers, agents, hangers on, promoters, organizers or sponsors cared enough about Axel to make even a minimal effort to keep him and the others at the concert safe,” claims family of victim.

A lot of people think that Travis did not make a good apology, because his only apology was just an Instagram post that his talk looked so forced and it seems like he doesn’t even care about all the dead and hurt people.

Written by Peter Sedlák. Edited by Radovan Mihálik.

BBC News. “Travis Scott and Astroworld Organisers Sued for $750m.” BBC News, 18 Nov. 2021, www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-59331525.

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