What to do at home?

Hello! I guess all of us try to find some fun things to do while stuck at home. I decided to take it a step further, and make something that will make my home look a bit nicer.

Behold, my latest creation!

It’s a lightweight wall light made out of kapa board/foam board. Inside, there’s a RGB LED stripe, that’s powerful just enough to light through the 3mm wide foam board, but not so powerful that it would heat up. There are two empty spaces at the top of the light to provide fresh air.

It goes great will my giant lego head lamp!

Since it’s RGB, I can change it’s color with a remote controller. It can even flash, fade, or be set up to a specific intensity.

Here it is in all it’s glory! (Music:

After ordering a LED stripe from the internet, getting the foam board from Merkantil and about five hours of focused work, I can not be more proud of the result.

If you decide to make something like this as well, be sure to get a complete set for the LED strip, that way you don’t have to count electricity parameters and just focus on creating!

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