Online Learning Challenge

Globally, everything has stopped. However, students continue their education through online learning and via various platforms or video calls with their teachers. Online schooling provides parents with a small window into the world of teaching. This new model of teaching has become challenging not only for teachers but also for parents.

EISB keeps trying to approach this new situation professionally. The students are taught online daily and the focus is on quality education of our students just as we would be at school by following EISB learning outcomes. The Intensive English Program provides the students with all necessary educational material needed for daily lessons. We continue focusing on the entire English language (speaking, writing, reading , and comprehension). Even during the online learning the education must be adjusted to every learner individually. Therefore the students are divided into groups according to their English abilities and skills.

Although online learning is a challenge it brings up beautiful moments and lots of fun. It taught us the difference between online learning and distant learning. It taught us how important social contact is and proved how much we miss each other.

Ms. Eva (click the link)

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