Getting to Know Your New Math and Science Teacher

Dear readers and members of EISB community, I am delighted that after that long period of almost two months of our new school year’s beginning, I manage to be here and introduce myself.

My name is Alkistis Benatsi .

I am graduate of Physics Department at University of Ioannina, Greece. The years of my studies have been one of the most interesting and productive periods of my life so far as I had the chance to meet some great scientists and colleagues. Thanks to them and to the nonpareil beauty of natural sciences, my passion for it was growing day by day. Through these years, I engaged with a variety of  laboratory courses on subjects such as Electricity, Thermodynamics and Spectroscopy. Additionally, I got involved with Mathematics core lessons such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Differential equations, Complex analysis, Statistics and Vector calculus. Maths proved to be a precious tool in developing also knowledge in Physics’ domains such as Classical Mechanics, Quantum Physics, Relativity, Nuclear Physics and  Theoretical Astronomy.

After graduation, I started working with students aged 11-18 on Math and Science. Then, I found out that teaching and sharing, discussing, and working with children  is vital for my career choice but especially for me as a person.

My desire to work with International students has always been underlying. This desire combined with my curiosity and my enthusiasm on issues relevant to children’s Psychology, lead me to begun my MSc on Educational Psychology at Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus. Educational Psychology focuses on providing evidence-based knowledge and skills concerning the wide spectrum of learning difficulties across the life span in order to be able to identify the cases that require intervention in the school context and elsewhere, the domain-specific psychological development from infancy to adulthood with specific emphasis on its cognitive, emotional and social dimensions and their impact on the learning processes and the awareness of the role that cultural and social parameters play in the educator’s interaction with students and parents.

 Actually, I found that kind of education pretty useful as my biggest hope as a teacher is not only to share knowledge with my students but also motive, inspire them, make them love subjects relevant to Science and Math  and finally enhance their Psychosocial development, their thinking and their communicating skills.

My thoughts for the new school year?

A new school year is like a journey . Consequently, it is like a chance to make new friends, learn new things and create unforgettable memories. I am delighted to be part of your educational journey, so let’s make this year amazing together.

P.S. :I am always open to collaborate and communicate. Meet me for any question or concern.

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