Using audio-visual stimuli in support of enhanced communication skills in SLA classes

When children learn a language in their early stages of infancy, they mostly reproduce what they see and hear. These are the main components of communication for little children. If it were uniquely down to these two perception components, SLA classes (Slovak language acquisition) would be very much conceived this way. However, there are higher demands put  on MYP students in terms writing and listening accuracy. This would be by no means expected in infants.

In SLA classes, to a great extent, we make use of these observations made in infants and we have transposed this technique into the teaching process. This simple audio-visual concept, which is enhanced and coupled with reading, writing, listening and speaking build-up, proves to be the most efficient technique in engaging students and is by far the most enjoyable way of teaching and learning, especially during the pandemic period.

The video is conceived in a way where the speaker speaks in front of the whiteboard and whilst telling a story in the simplest way, writes, draws and exemplifies by gestures the new expressions and terms. Thus, the part where students ask „What is this?“ What does it mean“ is made redundant. Everything is well exemplified and shown during the whole duration of the story and the students have time to write down all new words. The themes revolve around fairy-tales and thus lend themselves to various interpretations which can be subsequently subject to the whole class discussion.

In light of the growing necessity of learning as many foreign languages as possible, the ambition of this course is to fortify the cross-cultural sensitivity of the students and equip them with communication skills that would serve as a comparative advantage in their tertiary studies and careers.

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