Field trip to Valencia, Spain

Our students went on an amazing language exchange trip to Valencia, Spain. For five incredible days, they dove headfirst into Spanish culture, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. From exploring museums to tackling an exciting outdoor escape room, they packed their itinerary with unforgettable experiences. They also got to hang out with students from an international school in Valencia and feast on all the delicious local food.

To amp up the fun and make this trip unforgettable, our students had a cool project to work on. They had to use all sorts of skills to gather info and make a video presentation, making their dive into Valencia’s culture and attractions even more exciting and creative.

Our adventure began at the awe-inspiring City of Arts and Sciences complex, where students were captivated by the immersive wing dedicated to 3D modeling and animation. Here, they not only engaged with cutting-edge scientific exhibits but also gained a deeper understanding of the world around them, exploring various phenomena unfolding in the observable universe.

At the Bellas Artes Museum, our students embarked on an inspiring voyage through the intricate threads of art history. Within its halls, they were immersed in a captivating tapestry of artistic expression spanning centuries, from the ethereal beauty of the Gothic era to the avant-garde innovations of the 20th century.

Language exchange at the Fasta Madre Sacramento School

Our visit to Valencia was truly special as we were warmly received at the Fasta Madre Sacramento School. This invaluable interaction provided our students with a platform to showcase our school’s identity, origins, and the unique aspects of our educational programs, particularly highlighting the benefits of our Project Based education approach. It was an opportunity for our students to share their stories, aspirations, and the essence of our institution with a global audience.

Our students from the American Academy and EISB, Natalia Bezáková, Laura Benčíková, and Alejandra Bremont, got to share a concise overview of our school’s structure, and renowned academic programs to their international counterparts. They eloquently presented the innovative approach to education at our institution, highlighting the unique features and developmental pathways offered by our programs.

During this visit, students from both institutions shared an enriching experience as they engaged in lively interactions, exchanging questions about their respective countries of origin and immersing themselves in each other’s cultures.

An amazing experience that helped students make new friends and share new experiences.

Open Air Escape Room

This activity quickly became a favorite among our students, capturing their imagination and curiosity. With the goal of unraveling the hidden mysteries of Valencia’s rich history, participants eagerly embarked on a city-wide quest. Armed with an interactive application, students embarked on a thrilling journey, scouring the streets for clues and inching closer to uncovering the secrets that lie beneath the city’s surface.

Mercado central

Nestled in Valencia, Spain, the Mercado Central, affectionately dubbed the Central Market of Spain, stands as a bustling hub of activity. Esteemed as one of Europe’s oldest and grandest indoor markets, its imposing Modernist architecture captivates visitors from afar. Within its vibrant walls lies a treasure trove of culinary delights, a kaleidoscope of fresh produce, succulent seafood, premium meats, artisanal cheeses, fragrant spices, and an array of local delicacies. Here, every corner exudes a symphony of colors, aromas, and flavors, promising an unforgettable sensory journey for all who venture within.

Food review

An essential component of our cultural immersion was the culinary exploration. Our students savored the opportunity to sample their favorite Spanish dishes, alongside an array of international cuisine available in the vibrant city of Valencia.

Vamos a la playa

To wrap up our adventure, our students relished an afternoon at the beach. It was a delightful opportunity for them to unwind and soak up the sun, basking in the glow of their achievements throughout the week.

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