‘As potential future filmmakers do you think you have responsibility?’

A brand new course has been introduced and already started at EISB this academic year: Media/Film Studies. Students will learn about the whole process of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, creating camera shots, angles and movements, students will use lighting and sound purposefully and edit their own films, amongst a lot of other things. We will aim to promote the final projects, so stay tuned for updates about the next Spielberg or Tarantino!

However, before we would jump into the deep of actual filmmaking, we had some very important discussions with the students. Nowadays creating content and publishing it sounds easy and we wouldn’t necessarily think too much into it. Here, at EISB we teach not just a subject or a skill but responsibility and awareness that come with our doings.

So we asked the question – not necessarily exclusively:

 ‘Would it matter how you, as a filmmaker, communicate with your audience, form and channel your opinion?’

Let’s see how they all manage and change the future to a hopefully better one by communicating responsibly!

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