Music online

Unlocking creative music ideas can be possible also online. After hours of sitting at the computers/laptops/ipads in music lessons kids love to move, jump, stretch, clap, play… Great activities in music in these covid times are learning the rhythmic sequences with cup, practising slow and getting faster.

In Year 3 class there were two groups to compete: the online students versus the students present in school. Body percussion activities mean using your body to make a sound: clapping, tapping, patting, snapping, stomping…

In Year 4 class we had a competition girls versus boys. They should have created the most creative body percussion pattern and perform it together well. They could choose their own favorite song to do it along with.

By doing these activities the students also socialise together, they work in groups (breakout rooms), then they come together back to the main zoom room and perform for each other. They are challenging their skills in rhythm, creativity, cooperation, communication, leadership skills while practising together. To enjoy this at the end when performing for each other do not forget to click Camera on and Unmute yourself!! And yeah, you can not find a plastic cup in the kitchen? Please, go to the bathroom and take the one you keep your toothbrush in, so you have now all the props, let s join us quickly;-)

The zoom students turn
The girls turn

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