How to write an advertisement!

This term, Year 5 have been focusing on how to write advertisements in preparation for their final project, all about Theme Parks.

In groups, they were asked to produce a holiday advertisement using all the criteria they have been taught in ICT and in English. This can be a difficult skill but using the checklist below, they were able to build really interesting presentations.

The name, brand and logo of your product
Use of images and colour
Use of statistics
Use of endorsement (famous people appearing in ad)
Choice of fonts and size of lettering
Use of language and text
Organisation and layout
Persuasive language
Rhetorical Questions
Exaggerated adjectives
Catchy slogan
Benefits of the ride
Embedded clause
Writing criteria

You can read their holiday adverts below:

Greek mythology theme park
By Adam, Sylvia and Daniel

Anime world. By Dominik and Martin

Mountain Resort
By Zoja and Amelia

Go on a vacation to Mauritius
By RiΕ‘ko K. and Alex

Hotel Tortuga
By Arthur and Timo

Where would YOU like to go?

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