Annual Drama Showcase and Film Festival @ EISB – a Comedy Event!

We are excited to announce the upcoming super-fun event at EISB: we are already busy with the preparations for our Annual Drama Showcase and Film Festival, taking in place hopefully in late April. This will be a never-seen before, fun-filled show, where we can introduce our audience to some aspects of our daily life in school, in a hilarious and entertaining way. We will have not only performers, but a various backstage crew are needed as well for designing lighting and sound, preparing costumes, make up, creating props and set elements along with many other roles and certain skills to put into practice.

Some students have already started an exciting collaboration between two subjects: Drama and Art – and we are proud to report about some amazing results so far! Preparation and rehearsal times will be initially during Tuesday joint clubs for Art and Drama, so make sure to sign up for them in time!

Please stay tuned for more exciting news and we hope you will be looking forward to watching this amazing show coming alive – just like us!

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