Year 3 visits the Bee Keeper’s Museum

On June 3rd, the Year 3 class traveled to the Bee Keeper’s Museum in Kralova pri Senci, about a half hour outside of Bratislava.  This was connected to our Unit 5 studies which asked, “Are insects important?”. For all of the work bees do, we are able to enjoy delicious honey. Yet, we also know that without honeybees, and many other pollinators, we would not have fruit to eat. Are insects important? Yes! At the museum, we learned about bee keeping in Slovakia, the hives, the native bees, and how much work the bees do in the process of making honey. Of course, we tasted some as well. In fact, we tried four different kinds: Spring, Crystallized, Acacia, and Sunflower honey. It was certainly a bee-u-tiful day!

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