Online challenges

Online learning brings with it many new dichotomies. Students are sitting down in one place in front of a screen that can be muted at will, but they are ever more restless because of their confinement and want to talk and talk, because of their lack of social activities. Students are yearning for challenges in their education but struggle to stay motivated through a constant gazing at a screen.

Once again it is up to us as teachers to step up to the plate, and let go of the fear of improvising on what we felt had worked so well in the classroom. Because online, there are new rules to the game. If we do not change with the circumstance, we may leave some students behind. As per the definition of a dichotomy, there is always the excluded part of a whole.

Art, music, dance and creative activities that have the students interact with their outside world as much as is possible at these times, can be a true savior. Activities that students need to prepare for, either by looking for and bringing materials to the next class, or by completing in a family discussion around a dinner table can really help those that find it hard to focus and stay motivated.

Giving a traditional class as such is no longer popular in a physical classroom. Online, not only is it not popular, but very nearly impossible. Which is a good thing. This makes us teachers step outside of our comfort zone, explore new ideas and methods and continuously keep adapting to our students’ needs.

Here are some online moments that Year 3 would like to share with you.

Students learn about printing with a desert themed art activity led by Ms. Beata.
Students consider the idea of relief in this art activity led by Ms. Beata.
Students listen to one of their classmates explanations about his Vision Board for 2021.
Students dance to their favorite songs in a freeze dance competition.

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