Academy Ski Trip in Jasná

The Academy students were able to improve their skiing skills during our ski trip in Jasna – Lower Tatras. We were afraid there would be no snow in the middle of March, but we were surprised by heavy snowing and wind. On Tuesday we were not even able to go on the northern side of Chopok. Towards the end of the week the weather got better and we enjoyed the view at High Tatras.

The students were divided into four groups according to the skiing abilities. The members of the first group learned some new tricks how to ski more effortlessly and enjoy the ride. Many of the members of the group 4 experienced skiing for the first time. By the end of the week they could ski on blue and red pistes almost like pros 🙂 The instructors helped our students improve their skills with their expertise. They also analysed videos of students skiing performance. They got a better perspective when they saw themselves.

We stayed at the legendary Chata Kosodrevina in the middle of the southern slope of Chopok. The hotel has definitely seen better days, but it was located very conveniently. We believe modest environment can help our students adapt to different conditions in the future.

In the evenings we played various board games, we had a music trivia night. The students also created new social games. Last night of our stay the instructors prepared a ceremony to appreciate the progress of the students’ skiing skills. And we were able to arrange a dance party with a proper DJ. It was probably the first opportunity for some our students to dance together after the pandemic.

The students said they enjoyed the trip a lot and we believe it helped them to improve their social and self-management skills.

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