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Literary modernism in MYP 4

Students of MYP 4 went back in time to discover the global mood of people towards the end of 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. They have tried to understand the historical context which influenced not only the art in general, but literature in particular. The advancement of science and technology, industrialization and urbanization caused a lot of negative changes in the lifestyle of common people. A quick life tempo resulted in the uncertainty and loneliness. Our students need to be aware of these facts in order to understand the literature of this period. While reading poems written by authors of this generation, students understood the changes in the poetry form or the specific way of expressing feelings and ideas. From Symbolism of Charles Baudelaire to Impressionism (which associates more with visual arts), our students analyzed the various aspects of the texts in order to understand this literary period. Through the poems of Ivan Krasko, students had to understand the specifics of Slovak literature of that era.

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