Stories From Around the World! GERMAN EDITION

This unit, Year 3 are exploring stories set in places all around the world.

We kicked off this topic with some tales from the continent we all currently live on – Europe.

“Nooooo, they cut off their fingers!”

“We made a gingerbread house last Christmas”

“Their parents left them in the WOODS?!”

(In case any parents need a post-xmas threat, the kids found that last one pretty grim)

Hansel and Gretel was an interesting read, with many different versions, which the students loved to share from their various books, podcasts, and other multimedia.

If anyone has actually visited the Black Forest in Germany, please hesitate to send me pictures. I get too jealous…

By the way – I saw a recipe for a kitkat house instead of a gingerbread house (Does anyone even really like gingerbread? :/) >>

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