EISB preparing to Blow Up their Science/Maths Department

Two years ago EISB set out in a new direction to make education relevant in the modern information age.  Last year, EISB moved to a new facility to support that effort and in this coming year, EISB will see massive upgrades to its Academy especially in the newly revamped Science & Maths Department.

Adding a couple of PhDs, former school directors and department heads, some of which were at schools for Gifted and Talented students from science heavy regions, EISB has put together a wealth of experience and proven success to provide aspiring students incredible opportunities.  Add to that EISB’s modern approach of applied learning and you have yourself a recipe for student achievement to go “through the roof.”  


Besides the typical options of Chemistry, Biology and Physics, EISB will employ STEM projects and have upgrades to its Psychology with potential specialties in Neuroscience and Learning Development. EISB is also adding Environmental Systems and Societies to its 2-year Diploma Program.

We’re just at the beginning of development in this department, exciting to see how it grows from here.

If you’d like to know more about Science/Math learning possibilities at EISB please contact us at or simply register at JOIN US! above.

Stay tuned to hear more about EISB Academy updates to it’s Humanities, Languages and Arts departments.

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