Student Slams Shine @ Express!2020

On Friday 29 May, not rain nor shine, Covid nor quarantine, could stop these young talents from performing at this year’s Express! 2020 competition.

In compliance with social distancing regulations, Express! ventured through with its annual competition “zooming” the venue online.

This year’s competition included participants throughout Slovakia performing in front of an audience and judges from as far away as Ireland, US and Finland.. including well wishes from Malaysia (adjusting to the time difference).

With Topics ranging from self-improvement, to gender issues, these students braved the internet world communicating perspectives on the issues that matter to them.

A wonderful job to everyone who participated. 

Winners included:

8-12 year Group Category

  • 1st Adela, Laura, and Anya
  • 2nd Hana and Alexandra
  • 3rd Viktor, Vlad, Miso, Matej

8-12 year Solo Category:

  • 1st  Karolinka Dandova
  • 2nd Hana Doliakova
  • 2nd Laura Kostakova

13+ year Solo Category

  • 1st Veronika Lacova
  • 1st  Johana Gaberova
  • 2nd Simona Antalova
  • 2nd Alexandra Drozdova

Express! has already been offered a wonderful venue in Bratislava for next spring 2021! 

Exciting times ahead, see you then!

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