Express! Bratislava 2019

Saturday, 15 June EISB hosted the Express! Bratislava 2019 competition in the center of Bratislava. It was a wonderful event focused on the power of the spoken word.

Over 40 performances in 6 categories involving almost 100 students from 5 years old across Slovakia with strong multi-cultural representation including Slovakia, Austria, Czech, Korea, Mexico, USA, UK, Spain, Australia, Rusyn, Russian, Ukraine, Iran, India, China with special guest perfomances from Northern Irealnd and Iraq.

Despite the heat, onlookers and observers were blessed with performances that were entertaining, insightful and educational; filled with emotions, perspectives, humor and passion.

One of the highlights was Johanna Gaberová from the Futurum Bilingual School in Kosics, Slovakia. Johanna, the 13+ Category 1st place winner, fought through tear-filled emotions sharing passionately about her dwindling cultural heritage of Rusyns. It was emotional, passionate, informative and inspiring.

Another highlight was Zoja Majzlan, one of the youngest participants on the day from EISB Year 1, winning 1st place Solo category in the <8 group.

Huge praise to ALL the participants who braved the heat to stand up on stage, many alone, in front of a public audience for the first time to share their personal perspectives. An incredible experience for those who particpated and a wonderful event for all.

Winners Express! Bratislava 2019

<8 Group
1st EISB Year 3
2nd EISB Year 1
3rd Amelia Pishulia & Sofia Tomasek

<8 Solo
1st Zoja Majzlan
2nd Zoja Hanzelova
3rd Viona Shafiei

8-12 Group
1st Lola Saura & Sasha Perkins
2nd Alexandra Baldovic & Nastia Danyliuk
3rd Viki Podhradska & Angie Kulasek

8-12 Solo
1st Nastia Danyliuk
2nd Nada Majzlan
3rd Alexandra Marekova & Laura Kotasek (tie)

13+ Solo
1st Johanna Gaberová
2nd Ruby Farrow & Veroica Lacova (tie)
3rd Emily Wang & Magnus Heismayr (tie)

Photos for the event you can find here

Full Video of Express! Bratislava 2019

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