High School Media Students Visited Pagoda Film Studio

Y10, Grade 11 and 12 students had the unique opportunity to visit a professional film studio – special thanks to Mr Roman @ Pagoda Studio to allow us to look around, learn about the operation and nature of the film industry and also use the facilities and real filming equipment there. We were also accompanied by Mr Jesus, who had been an invaluable help with organising the trip, not to mention his enthusiasm and expertise he had shared with us!

Media Studies is a very popular elective subject amongst high school students; currently 18 of them are enrolled in these challenging courses from multiple year groups. When studying, they are not only introduced to various communication channels, media platforms and get familiar with certain technical aspects and filmmaking processes, they also learn to be responsible for their communications, about setting up a business, use marketing strategies to promote their own work and being entrepreneurs. Film is an extremely exciting part of Media and Journalism – and one of the most favourable elective courses in both IB and A Level courses in the most reputable international schools worldwide- where there are plenty of opportunities to work in divisions, learn about being accountable for certain production phases and use artistic and productive skills in a creative and inventive way. The course also teaches discipline, time-management and perseverance – real life skills for anyone who wishes to make a career in business, marketing, communication or any segment of media and even in diplomacy.

Students could try their accomplished skills for real in Pagoda Studio under the supervision of a professional filmmaker and film crew; they could operate multiple, different cameras, record sound, set up lighting, and act in front of a film crew. Various roles from a film set had also been taken; the director and assistant director were in charge of the production phase, they instructed actors, lighting crew and the boom operator. They were supported by the clapping boy/girl, continuity supervisor and production designer.

This studio visit was a never-seen-before and fantastic opportunity in EISB’s history, where students could enhance their learning in a real-life setting, had a taster of this complex industry and incredibly fun time, while working in collaboration, maintaining strong focus and showing determination. Well done, Media students, it’s a wrap!

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