Who is Ms. Eva G.?

All children know what they want to become when they grow up. I also knew! I wanted to be a teacher since I was 10 years old, and eventually I became one ?.

I started my teacher journey in Slovak preschool. It’s well known that I really enjoy working with younger children. Besides loving the children, I also fell in love with the English language. My first 3 years of learning this language was through self-study. I studied daily and wished to become a fluent English speaker.

I do believe that things always happen for a certain reason in life. My next steps led me to QSI International School of Bratislava, an American school, where I worked for 20 years. I had various job assignments there, but most of the time I worked as an Early Childhood Teacher and an Intensive English Teacher.

The Frog Class

I love languages in general. I believe that if a teacher knows at least a few words of a new student’s language, the teacher will become the student’s best friend right on his/her first day of school. Beside my native Slovak language, Czech and English, I had studied Russian for 8 years as a young student. I have been learning Spanish for 5 years and recently I’ve started to study German.

mis compañeros del curso de espanol

I also love to read and travel. I have visited many countries and enjoyed speaking the languages I had learned as I travelled. I have a dream to visit a place where I can hold a baby panda. I am a panda lover. My favourite destination is Slovenia which we visit every summer.

My Children

I have been a member of our EISB family for 4 years and I love teaching our children. This year I started the 29th year of my teaching experience. I can say that I am a lucky person: My job is my hobby ?.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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