Pottery wheel

One of the most demanding, yet rewarding experiences is working with the pottery wheel. It’s amazing to see what can be achieved with what’s essentialy a bit of spinning mud. We have a professional Shimpo pottery wheel and a big Kittec kiln, so students can create functional, food safe objects that can be used either for decoration or functional purposes.

For most students, it’s their first time working with the pottery wheel, and it’s always great to see how happy they are once the artwork is fired and finished. Pottery is a demanding process where the actual creation of a pot on the wheel is just the very first step of the process. Clay needs to dry for about a week, while being covered with foil and rotated, to ensure that the drying process is even, to prevent cracks. Only after the first firing, the pottery can be glazed. Glazing is another science of its own, but with patience and persistence, amazing resulst can be achieved.

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