Update-How Do Children Celebrate Christmas?

How do children imagine Christmas? Children have been sending their paintings to the newspaper Pravda more than 20 years children to ” My Most Beautiful Christmas” art competition. The editors always reward the winners with nice prizes.

The Environmental Club children decided to participate. Every student changed his/her holiday imaginations into a painting, paintings influenced by unique cultures, EISB students come from. They all were sent to the Pravda newspaper and the results came out just before Christmas. All the paintings were amazing but there were just few winners. We definitely have talented students!

Olivia Bystricka from Y5 class won the 3rd place in this competition. CONGRATULATIONS!!! And of course, congratulations to all the paintings participating in this festive competition.

Ms. Eva Gogova

Here they are:

Amira Y4
Sofia Y6
Stella Y6
Oli Y5

Pola Y6
Ivan Y6
Mika Y6
Mubin Y2
Arnika Y5
Dana Y3
Ustinia Y5

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