Exploring the Wonders of Slovak

Welcome to the exciting world of language learning, where young minds embark on a journey to discover the beauty of Slovak! In this blog post, I will delve into the unique challenges and creative approaches to teaching Slovak to upper primary students.

Learning new vocabulary can be done in many interactive ways. From listening to new words, reading them aloud, writing them down, we do regular memory competitions – who can say the most words correctly in 30 seconds or who can write the most words correctly in 2 minutes… The topics are discussed with the students. At the end of each topic we usually make a poster. Every class enjoys topics such as Weather, Travelling, Food, School, Clothes, Hobbies, Holidays, Sports, Pop singers, Four seasons, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.

Teaching Slovak for foreigners to upper primary students has been for me an exciting endeavor that goes beyond language acquisition.

Topic of Travelling:

Topic of castles on the right, weather clocks at the bottom:

Topic of Castles on the right, weather clocks at the bottom from the topic of Weather
Topic of Weather

Topic of Halloween:

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