Welcome to the 2018-2019 EIS Bratislava school year.

It is an exciting time with a lot to look forward to including:

  • Our first graduating class
  • A teaching staff with the most international experience at EISB
  • The most culturally diverse student population
  • A full SIS system – meaning most of our communication with school can be done through a simple app on your mobile
  • Digital Portfolios
  • A dynamic environment ready for the growth and development that provides the type of modern education that students, parents and teachers are proud of.

Along with the additions of teachers, we are also very pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Gabriel Kalna. Mr. Kalna is a highly respected Slovak Director in Bratislava who has joined our team and will also fill the role of General Manager, making sure that the operations of the school properly support the growth and direction in which EISB is headed.

With all of this, it is impossible to state all the upgrades and improvements for the school because a lot of that will come from the community at large – students, parents and staff working together. This week the staff is meeting for the first time to begin collaboration. On 3 Sept, the students begin their involvement not only with their own development, but their impact on the school. And on 11 Sept, we will meet with the entire community to not only continue what we started back in June, but to begin putting it into action. With the talent, creativity and energy of each the individuals, it’s exciting to think about the potential that will come from the collaboration of the entire team.

What does that look like?

Imagine a learning environment where people are excited to be, looking forward to discussions with staff, students, and parents about education, future ambitions, ways to improve opportunities. To be among a team of people who are passionate about the students and students that are sincerely interested in what is happening every day at school.

This has been my experience with many of you throughout the summer. I recently had a meeting with parents to discuss ways they would like to help enhance the educational experience of students at school and we had a wonderful discussion for quite a long time that also included other parents and teachers that happened by. Many great ideas came for that one discussion and we look forward to many more inspiring discussions with all of you over the coming year.

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