Exploring History: A Day at Devin Castle with Upper Primary Students

Devín Castle is located 12 km from the historical centre of Bratislava and within the borders of the village of Devín. We travelled there by a boat to make this trip even more exciting. The Devin Castle is standing on a massive rock hill above the confluence of the Danube and Morava. It is an unusually impressive landmark. It is part of the oldest history of Slovakia.

We booked a guided tour so the kids learned that the castle grounds include preserved remains of structures from the Roman and Great Moravian periods, as well as from the Middle Ages and modern age.

Observation platform of the Upper Castle offers a unique panorama of the surrounding natural scenery. The Castle is divided into Lower, Middle and Upper Castle. Because of the heat, we visited only Lower and Middle Castle.

In the Middle part of the castle at the castle yard is a very deep well and our kids could throw a coin into it. We were amazed by how long it took to hear the coin hitting water at the bottom.

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