Teachers’ Learning

At EISB, we are all learners.  We often call our young people ‘learners’ instead of ‘students’ because being a learner is so much more than just being a student.

We know that young people go to school to learn stuff – and perhaps how to use that stuff – but EISB learners are learning how to learn and how to develop themselves as learners.

This is why we chose project-based learning in primary and the International Baccalaureate programmes in secondary school.  These two approaches encourage and support teachers and learners to develop the attributes of great learners.

Unknown to many, EISB teachers not only teach but also learn continually.  You can’t build good learning relationships in which young people are fully engaged without learning from them.  Besides that, our teachers take an online professional enhancement course with weekly modules that helps them develop the programmes they teach and how they approach education in general.  The course is developed at EISB and helps teachers reflect on their teaching, collaborate with others and ensure that our teachers ensure our young people become engaged in developing as the lifelong, holistic learners they need to be for success and happiness both now and in the unknown future.

The picture above actually shows teachers engaged in an interactive online orientation session with Kognity.  Kognity is a company that provide online textbooks with a difference. Each of the textbooks is aligned with the IB Diploma curriculum in most of the subjects our senior learners take.  The texts, which are to some extent interactive, offer links to relevant material on the internet and a huge bank of appropriate questions so that both teacher and learner can ensure that basic understandings have been met.  This allows for our learners to take a greater responsibility for their own learning and thus prepare for learning in the future – such as at university where many professors are not always great teachers.

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