Environmental Club- Pumpkins

In the case of winter pumpkins, the harvest time depends on the variety. However, it can generally be stated that the pumpkin harvest begins between the end of August and the end of October. With a few little tricks you can quickly find out when your pumpkin can be harvested.

 To find out more about the pumpkins the Environmental Club students virtually visited Burt’s pumpkin patches. We took a tour around one of the biggest pumpkin patch. We saw that the pumpkins are not only orange, as we know them, but also white, gray, green, and other colors. We tend to think of pumpkins primarily as Jack-o’-lanterns or for use in sweet treats like pumpkin pies, bread, pancakes, custard, and breakfast muffins. There at Burt’s patch we saw a frog jam, spiced pumpkin butter, and halloween decoration as well.

Consequently, the children enjoyed making their own 3D pumpkins using collage technique. They turned out really beautiful! They are displayed in the EISB hallway. Every child chose a decorative pumpkin to bring home as a reward from our great virtual field trip:).

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