Norwegian Culture Week 11.11 – 16.11

This week we raised awareness about Norwegian Culture in our school. One of our Erasmus students, Miss Petra is Norwegian.
She provided teachers with some activities to do with their classes such as unscrambling codes, puzzles and colouring for the younger ones. She read a traditional Norwegian Fairy tale to many classes that involved tricking and defeating a horrible troll.
Norwegian Activities at EISB
Miss Petra had organised photographs of traditional Norwegian clothing and cut them out. This gave the children an idea of the styling and colours used in the many different designs of Norwegian clothes. The children then paraded around the playground wearing these photos of traditional clothing just like Norwegians do on May 17th to celebrate Norway’s Constitution Day.

The children had great fun having sack races and potato and spoon races. These are popular games for children to play in Norway, long before the times of tablets, iphones and the Internet!

Check out our Facebook page for a video of the celebration.

Norway Interesting Facts

  • Norwegians are the fourth best non-native English Speakers in the world, according to the 2018 English Proficiency Index (EPI).
  • The Lærdal Tunnel in Norway is the world’s longest road tunnel at 24.5 km.
  • Norway’s oil production is the highest per capita in Europe.  It’s overall production is the second highest in Europe (after Russia).

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