2019: Thank you 2018

Dear EISB community,
2018 has been quite a journey.  We began together in June sharing the EISB vision, enabling students to do amazing things and doing that by empowering students to learn:
How to learn
How to think
How to reason
And how to communicate.

And in so doing, giving students the tools to not only develop their potential but to display it as well.

We started putting together a team of teachers to help that become reality.  We brought in and retained strong leadership, creative minds and also a strong injection of international experience in the secondary.

What we experienced at the Christmas Program and throughout these first months is a taste of what the vision can look like  when teachers are given the opportunity to be focused on empowering students.

We’re at the start as a team, still learning how to walk in preparation to run. The staff is continuing their development and overall communication with the whole community.

Here is what you can look forward to when we start up in the new year:

Improved IT: adding digital portfolios, single sign-on applications.

Communication: an internal site for better access to information with dynamic calendars, instant access to information and upcoming events.

Better parent communication and input into school activities.  In the new year, each year group will, with the support of the class teacher/tutor, choose 1 parent representative who will act as a liaison between the parents’ needs and concerns and the school = your class teacher and school leadership. This will greatly improve communication with all parties and therefore help improve the quality of services offered by the school for all.

School Identity – as we continue towards our vision, it helps to look the part. In the new year, we’ll present the new school uniform  which will be available in the early spring.

But in looking to the future, we should acknowledge first those efforts of the past:

First, to the owners who spearheaded this effort with the foresight to pioneer modern education for our students. It’s rare to find such support in this endeavour, regardless of how logical we know it to be.

We also want to acknowledge the parents who have met regularly with school leadership to help provide vital insight into needs and desires of families. Who also work to provide the amazing events we’ve had, assuring that they run successfully. We’re building something to be proud of and what’s been done so far is thanks to you.

To the teachers and staff who have created an incredible learning environment for students never seen before at this school and therefore to their leaders for providing the opportunities to do what they love in such effective ways.

And finally, the students, who have worked hard and have already shown incredible results as is evident in the hallways and on social media.

I’m humbled and proud to be associated with such a group and very excited to see what the near future brings.

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and wish each and everyone of you Happy New Year.

Jaymes R. Regualos
Education Director
English International School of Bratislava

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