UNILINK and UK Universities Visit EISB Academy

On Friday 7th February, we were visited by UNILINK ( an organisation that provides free advice to learners who are interested to attend university in the United Kingdom. They can help in Slovak and in English.

Next representative Iain Harris from Northumbria University, Newcastle, gave a very engaging presentation on his university. He pointed out that although many people assume that university in the UK is expensive, it may not be as expensive as one imagines – for example, housing costs for a month in Newcastle would be the equivalent to a week’s rent in London. We also had a lovely presentation from Buckingham New University (which is actually quite an old and established university with a lot of new bits).

It seems that a huge amount of thought and resources have gone into developing these universities since the old days and now our young people have a wide and varied range of opportunities both at university and through attending university. They are well looked after, have a wide range of far more practical and useful courses, are prepared for work and employability, have opportunities to travel, learn new languages, join clubs and so on. I wish I could go back!

Finally, here we all are. It was a lovely and useful visit and we wish to thank:

Iain Harris (Northumbria University, Newcastle)

Nicolli De Carvalho (Buckingham New University)

Simona Vrabcová (UNILINK)

Diana Gawelová (British Chamber of Commerce)

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