Impressive Science Fair

On 9th of November Incheba exhibition Centre held the finals of science and technology competition (Festival Vedy a Techniky) where about 100 students from all over Slovakia were presenting their project that they have been working on for over a half a year. 

I had a chance to visit the event with couple of students and I was impress with huge variety and high level of the works, e.g following behaviour of monkeys in certain conditions, growing bacterias, using honey product as scar recovering agent, fully self build watering system for plants with built program, investigation on what type of textile certain species of worms are able to degrade, self-built robots and sensors, etc. 

Hear what students though about it:

Reflection from Viktor (MYP4): “Out of many of the works that I’ve seen, I can say that all were unique and have a potential outside, in the real world. Even though the younger students from our school were more interested in the scientific part of the exhibition, the older students including me were rather interested in the technological part. (….)

One of the projects that were the most interesting from the technological part was the stand, where some High school students from the Industrial High School of Technology in Martin (SPŠ – MT) made a project about the implementation of Virtual Reality (VR) as a teaching aid.”

Reflection from Kevin (MYP3): “I really liked two of the topics that they presented. One is using five different species of plants to absorb PTA (Terephthalic acid) in soil and what are the effect on the plant. (….) I didn’t really like the background noises during the exhibition. As the presentation on the bigger stage was sometimes too loud for me to hear from the other. I also didn’t like that most of the billboards were in Slovak and I couldn’t read it.” 

Reflection from Alex (MYP2): “At the science exhibition, there were some interesting experiments. For example, my favourite one was the one where a boy and a girl explored the influence of chewing gum on the oral cavity. (….) they told us that if you have chocolate for example during lunch chewing gum is an alternative to brushing your teeth because it levels your PH. Hard chewing gum can also help your jawline. However, to level the PH of your saliva the chewing gum needs to be sugar-free. Overall I really enjoyed the trip and I want to thank you for the opportunity to be there.”

One of the purposes of the visit was to get a better understanding how it works and estimate if our school could participate in the competition next year or if our school could held its own Science Fair?!

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