Upcoming: EISB’s Got Talent

As part of our CAS program, the DP students have ‘taken over’ EISB’s Got Talent! By working alongside Tania Farrow, the students are learning valuable skills related to event organisation and marketing. In the development of the talent show’s programming, they’re using skills that they learned in classes such as English Language & Literature and Theatre.

Here are some of the ways that our DP students have been enhancing their skills:

Time Management

Through the talent show, students have been improving their time management skills by working on both short- and long-term plans. They were responsible for determining the deadlines for each element of the program to make sure they had enough space to better organise what they needed.


A performance such as the talent show requires a lot of organisation from everyone involved. This includes scouting for venues and finding the best location to host the talent show, figuring out which dates are available and work for others, getting materials ready for everyone, and creating a program of the acts.

In finding the location for the talent show, students went and looked at the theatres available at the Cultus Ružinov. Before arriving, they had to figure out how many people, approximately, would attend the event in order to make the best decision about which hall to rent. This was done with the assistance of our resident marketer.


Teamwork is one of the most important skills our students learn, and the DP students have been working towards developing structures that help them work together. They have been splitting the duties between each other and figuring out who does what well, allowing them to each focus on areas where they are strongest or want to develop additional skills.

Ms. Nicole Ursprung

The Aim of the Talent Show by Arshia K.

This project will allow students to spend some time together in a fun and exciting environment, giving them the opportunity to be in a group act or watching the talent show and supporting their peers. It’s a good way to bring the school community together.

With this project, we hope that students will be able to build their self-confidence. We hope it will help them learn to show their talents to each other in a safe and supportive environment.

We also want to help raise awareness for some of the endangered animals that the WWF helps. All of the money made from CAS projects will be donated to charities like the WWF to help people and nature thrive.

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